She Pours Cake Batter Into An Empty Egg. After The Oven My Mouth Was Watering.

Cakes are delicious and cakes you can make personal-sized, like cupcakes, are fun to have at parties. The people over at BuzzFeed decided to take that a step further and made personalized cakes in surprising packaging: cake baked and served in eggshells. This crazy treat would be great for the Easter holiday, but would also be fun any other time of the year.

To start with, you need cake batter. Any cake batter should work for this treat and the more interesting the batter, the more interesting the reveal will be. You will need to clean out eggs before you begin. It is hard to get the whites and yolks out without having them mix together, so it is good to use these in the cake batter you are making, or save it for scrambled eggs for breakfast. You don’t want to let it all go to waste. If you are concerned about the eggs and salmonella, just make sure you thoroughly clean the shell, without breaking it, before using it.

BuzzFeed stuck with a traditional yellow cake for their video, but the things you can do with this are limitless. I’ve seen some people use different colors of batter and make tie-dyed eggs and another great option would be confetti cake. You can leave them in their shells and let people open them themselves, or you could serve these with half the shell off in an egg cup, sort of like how you eat soft boiled eggs, and then pipe on small frosting decorations. In this way they are almost like cupcakes in that the tops are decorated with frosting and the bottoms are covered, only this way they are covered in shells.