The First Cannabis Infused Wine

The First Cannabis Infused Wine


Rebel Coast Winery has amazed us all with the recent invention of what is quickly becoming their most popular product, cannabis infused wine.

Just a few years ago, the only way to consume cannabis was by packing it into a pipe and lighting it on fire or rolling a good ol’ fashioned doobie.

Cannabis extraction and infusion technology is currently experiencing a rapid growth spurt and this cannabis infused sauvignon blanc is one of the first of many gifts we will see come from this new era of cannabis products.

You might think cannabis and wine to be an odd tasting combination, but Rebel Coast’s Sauvignon Blanc has been carefully crafted so it tastes crisp and refreshing like an actually white wine.


Through a sophisticate distillation process, extraction experts are now able to remove cannabis flavors and aromas to isolate pure THC that is flavorless and odorless.

This cannabis infused wine features grapes grown in sunny Sonoma, California. The taste is very reminiscent of a slightly acidic, crisp white wine.


Does is have alcohol in it? No. New California marijuana regulations do not allow cannabis to be combined with alcohol or tobacco in any way. Rebel Coast Winery has removed the alcohol content through a proprietary process. After the alcohol is removed, then the THC is infused into the wine giving consumers a different kind of buzz.

The cannabis infused wine is formulated to have 4 glasses of wine containing 5mg of THC each for a total of 20mg THC in the bottle. 5mg THC is a small dose of cannabis. The wine was designed to have 5mg THC which gives consumers a feeling similar to that of a single glass of wine. Have 2-3 glasses of cannabis infused wine and similar to regular alcohol infused wine, you will begin to experience stronger incremental effects.


The founders of Rebel Coast Winery have done a fantastic job crafting a unique, well designed product you won’t find anywhere else in California.