How Do You Make Some Tasty Strawberry Short Cake Kabobs? This Is The Way!


You’ll need this to fuel your dream:

Granulate sugar – 1 cup
Some vanilla extract – 1 teaspoon
Some butter, softened – half a cup
2 good eggs
Some milk – ¾ cup
Baking powder – 1 teaspoon
Skewers – 6 inch ones
Some jumbo marshmallow – a bag of it
All-purpose flour – 1 ½ cups

Some white chocolate morsels – 1 cup melted as directed on the package.

Now that you’ve everything in order, start!

– Turn on the oven and let it hit 350 F.
– Get a greased parchment paper and line it on your 9 x13 pan. Place it somewhere.
– Get the butter and the sugar and make a cream of it in a large bowl.
– Put in the eggs. Beat them properly.
– Make a fold of the vanilla extract.
– Add in the salt, baking powder, salt and milk and mix.
– Spread the butter into the pan.
– Let it back till the edges turn golden – about 18-20 minutes.
– Let the cake cool then slice it into cubes of 1.5 inch each.
– Thread the skewers. Start with marshmallow, then cake, thenstrawberry.
– Now, place them on that pan with the paper lining and drizzle some white chocolate on them.