She Adds Mango Puree To This Classic. This Twist Is Too Delectable Not To Try

Cheesecake, aside from being a terrible topic of debate (is it a cake or a pie), is a delicious dessert that is often under-utilized. The perfect cheesecake is a tasty thing, but so often so much more can be done with them.

This is a great way to put a nice twist on the regular cheesecake. The fruity and sharp flavors of the mango go great with the cheesecake base. Also, even better, is that this recipe does not contain gelatin so all you vegetarians out there can make it and enjoy.

So what is your favorite twist on cheesecake? I personally love a chocolate cheesecake, but they’re often so rich that they can be overboard. I also am a fan of the graham cracker crust, as shown off in this video. Let us know!