She Pours From One Cup, But Creates A Rainbow. It’s So Easy, I Need To Try

Shots usually look pretty plain, but Paige Russell over at Instructables decided to add a little color and fun to normal shots. If you want to try this yourself, all you need is: 6oz Pineapple juice, 1/2oz grenadine, 1oz vodka, 3/4 oz blue curaçao and some crushed ice. This will make either 7 or 8 shots depending on how much you pour in each glass.

She gets started by pouring grenadine in a glass and adding ice. Using a big spoon to avoid mixing the liquids too much, she next adds in pineapple juice, then the vodka, and tops it off with Blue Curacao. The reason the liquids don’t completely mix is because each of the liquids have different densities.
She warns that though the end effect looks great, the drinks are going to taste nothing like each other and the red one will pretty much be a shot of grenadine. This is great for just having fun. If you have any other ideas of liquids that could be added into the mix to make the effect even more impressive, share in the comments below.