She Wraps Chicken In Bacon. What She Takes Out Of The Oven? HEAVEN!

There’s only one ingredient missing from your perfectly seasoned, crispy chicken tenders – bacon!

Our favorite culinary queen at Divas Can Cook created these sensational bacon wrapped chicken tenders that the whole family will love. She coats the chicken tenders with a generous portion of your spices of choice. (I’m thinking a hint of cumin, a dash of garlic salt and a pinch of black pepper!) After the chicken is covered in your favorite spices, comes the good part!

She wraps the meat with not one, but two, pieces of hickory smoked bacon. Use a couple of toothpicks, just to make sure the bacon stays in place. For her mouthwatering combination of sweet and spicy, use brown sugar and chili powder to coat the tenders. She says don’t be shy because you can never have too much of these heavenly flavors.

Place the tenders on a broiling pan and bake at 350 degrees for about 25 minutes. Once the juicy tenders are cooked all the way through and your bacon is crispy, dinner is ready to enjoy!