Top 10 Weirdest Animals Discovered in 2018

Top 10 Weirdest Animals Discovered in 2018

1. A new type of crocodile was just discovered in Africa.


2. A marsupial lion that existed over a million years ago was discovered from a fossil found in Australia.

3. A beetle that never sees daylight was found in a cave in southern China.

4. This baffling beetle was discovered living among ants in Costa Rica.

5. The Tapanuli orangutan, from Indonesia, was named its own species in 2018.

6. Genie’s dogfish, a cartoon-eyed shark, was discovered by Florida scientists in July 2018.

7. This parasitic wasp comes with its own blade. It was found in January by researchers from Penn State and the Natural History Museum in London.

8. A new tardigrade was discovered on a bit of moss in a Japanese parking lot in February 2018.

9. Named after Victor Hugo’s iconic hunchback character, this crustacean was found near Antarctica.

10. A hermaphrodite lizardfish was found in an Australian haul of over 40,000 species.