Cooke Monster Cupcakes!

You’ll need:
Food coloring or icing color
Star tip and pastry bag
Cookies such as Mini Chips Ahoy or regular Chips Ahoy cut in half
Brown M&M’s
White disc candy such as white chocolate melts (use the flat side)

First, cut a slit into the cupcake.


2.  Insert cookie and start icing with a small star tip.  The picture above is from a different cupcake and appears to be dyed coconut, which is also an option.  Dyed coconut would give a shaggier look, but also remember that, if serving these at a party, coconut is a hit or miss.  Lots of people don’t like it however, most children could care less!  LOL


Tutorial photos by Cynthia Rae

3.  Attach the brown M&M (pupils) to the white disks by either “gluing” together with a dab of frosting.

4.  Stick the eyes down into the cupcake.