Signs That Are Too Funny For Their Own Good

Life is confusing, isn’t it? Growing up, everything is new and exciting, but also so mysterious.

Luckily, we had parents and adults to guide us along the path, informing us on how everything works. We couldn’t wait until we grew up and knew as much as they did, which was seemingly everything. But then we got older and… nothing. We knew a little more, but by no means did we ever feel like we had a firm grasp on life.

Then, we had the terrifying realization: our parents didn’t know everything, either! We’re all just out here doing the best we can. The best we can do is look for those that know more than us and hope they don’t steer us wrong. That’s where signs come in. They offer instruction to keep us safe. But sometimes, these signs don’t take their immense responsibility seriously and make jokes. While this can be frustrating for some, it can be hilarious for others. Specifically, you, about to read these signs that are just too hilarious.

1. Consider Us Warned

The problem with a lot of warning signs is that folks don’t always take them seriously.

“Oh, there’s a possibility of death? What are the odds? And that’s just the worst case scenario. It doesn’t seem that dangerous to me.”

But this sign… this sign wants you to know how awful the consequences will be. Dying is fine. Whatever. But it will hurt when we die? Yeah, that’s where the line is drawn. Nobody has time for that, do they?

2. Translation, Please

This billboard is hilarious on a number of levels, and we’re going to count off all of them.

First of all, the obvious humor. They are asking you to ask for something that you presumably can’t even pronounce.

But the real beauty of this? We’re not sure if this was done intentionally to troll you, or if it’s a genuine, earnest attempt at marketing, and they didn’t see the flaw in their plan. Either way is equally funny, to be honest.

3. Dad Humor

Okay, so Dad jokes are pretty divisive. Some folks think they’re the best thing on Earth, while others loathe them.

Having them show up on signs is either going to tickle your fancy or make you want to drive your car into the sign in protest.

But let’s focus on the bigger issue here: Are there really dog magicians? Can we please see that stage show? Or is there a Hogwarts for puppies somewhere out there? We need answers on this!

4. Confusing Instructions

So signs are meant to get your attention to relay some vital piece of information.

This… we’re not exactly sure what the point of this is. Don’t get us wrong, we’re happy it exists because it’s funny and all.

Funny is always good, but… is this a part of a campaign from the library to remind everyone to keep noise levels down? Will librarians scream back at you and call the authorities? That would be a sight to behold.

5. That’s What It’s All About

Addiction is no laughing matter. Unless you’re addicted to dance crazes from back in the day.

Then it’s kind of hysterical. Are there support groups out there for individuals trying to overcome their dependence on performing “The Macarena”?

Would that be a 12-step program? A lot of dances involve 12 steps, so maybe they’d have to be super specific about the steps being figurative, not literal. If you need a break from country line dancing, there might be help out there.