A Boy Loses His Eye After Being Shot By Nerf Gun Twice In The Same Eye

A 9-year-old schoolboy from South Wales has lost his eye after accidentally being shot twice in the same eye by a Nerf gun.

Two Freak Accidents

When Taylor-Joy Ravicini was just three years old, he was hit by a toy arrow which caused him to lose his eyesight on the left eye.

Six years down the line, at aged 9, the boy was struck for the second time, in the same eye, by a Nerf gun.

The subsequent hit from the Nerf projectile completely damaged the eye tissues beyond repair. So, the doctors were forced to remove it to prevent spreading infections to the other eye.

The Boy’s mother, Stacey, explained the ordeal:

“I really don’t want people thinking I am a bad mother.”

“I was there with my three children, and everything just happened in a flash.”

“I was downstairs, and I heard a devastating scream and my heart sunk, I couldn’t even go to see him, I sent my partner as I knew something had happened.”

Pressure Build Up in the Boy’s Left Eye

After the second accident, his blind eye started to build up in pressure and begun to fill in blood.

When they went to the hospital, doctors couldn’t permanently solve the issue as the pressure kept coming back.

His mother said:

“Taylor’s eye was full of blood, and it was causing a build-up of pressure.”

The Boy’s Eye Had to Be Removed

The doctors advised the mother that the injured eye had to be removed.

Stacey, 35-Year-Old, Was Under Constant Worry

The mother revealed her worries for her son, who was being bullied at school due to his condition.

She said:

“Wherever we go, people are staring at him and whispering about his eye. In school, he is constantly bullied, and people call him, ‘Popeye,’ that really hurts, why should he be treated different?”

“I am constantly worrying for him, and what will happen next, it has just been one big emotional roller-coaster.

The Family Raised Money for the Surgery

The family set up a GoFundMe page to raise £2,500 Euros to help Taylor-Jay get a prosthetic eye.

And in less than 20 days, the family had raised over £2,500

To avoid such accidents, let’s ensure our kids wear protective eye gear when handing a Nerf gun. Though pellets are designed not to hurt the body, your eyes can be vulnerable if hit.

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